El Salvador’s constitutional crisis continues

Citizens march in protest of the Legislative Assembly’s refusal to comply with the Constitutional Chamber’s decision to invalidate the Assembly’s appointments of Supreme Court justices made in 2006 and 2012. PHOTO LPG/ ÁNGEL GÓMEZ

El Salvador continues to be mired in an institutional crisis that threatens to undermine not just the separation of the judicial and legislative branches in the country, but also rule of law itself.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, which rules on matters of constitutionality in El Salvador, has been locked in a constitutional “standoff” with the Legislative Assembly over decisions the Chamber handed down last month. The center of the conflict revolves around the Chamber’s decision to invalidate judicial appointments made in 2006 and 2012 by the Legislative Assembly, and its order that the Assembly to re-do the appointment process for those judges. The Constitutional Chamber also ruled that the Assembly make the process more transparent; ordering that reasoning for appointments is provided, as well as documentation that verifies the competency of people chosen as Supreme Court Justices. Read the rest of this entry »

Youth in Guazapa, El Salvador begin leadership training

Photo: Héctor Mena, VOCES

By Héctor Mena, VOCES – July 2, 2012

The project seeks to help overcome the digital divide negatively affecting the chances for young people to access educational and employment opportunities.

On Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the Educational Complex “Delfina Diaz” in Guazapa, San Salvador, El Salvador, an opening ceremony was held for project titled “Young women prevent violence, strengthen organization, and communicate a culture of peace.” This initiative seeks to strengthen the leadership skills of the youth sector in the area.

Over 100 youth from different communities and counties in the municipality attended the ceremony. The project aims to benefit 180 young people, with special emphasis on young women to reduce the stigma of social discrimination against this populations.

Fundación Comunicándonos, Radio Guazapa 92.1 F.M., Mediacentro Comunitario “Zona I” and Seattle International Foundation are the organizations supporting this initiative to strengthen youth leadership in Guazapa.

The youth participating in the program will be trained on Saturdays over two months, in areas such as Organization and Leadership, Culture of Peace, Gender, Identity and radio formats to strengthen communications. This group will also receive training at Radio Guazapa to produce and broadcast radio programs, advocacy campaigns and radio forums around issues of concern to youth in the area.

Photo: Héctor Mena, VOCES

Another key component of this initiative is to grant 50 computer training and informatics scholarships to girls identified as outstanding youth participating in the leadership training. Training will last 9 months and will be provided by the Community Mediacentro operating in the municipality for the last 5 years.

To qualify for the scholarship, participants must attend the entire training program on youth leadership and present a proposal on how to solve three problems facing the youth of Guazapa: insecurity and youth violence, teen pregnancy, and lack of access to education and employment opportunities.

At the event, young people showed enthusiam about the idea and presenting their written proposals on Saturday July 14th of this year.

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