SIF conducts mapping study of services available to victims of gender-based violence in Guatemala


The Seattle International Foundation (SIF) recently traveled to Guatemala to carry out a ten-day mapping study of services available to victims of gender-based violence, the gaps, and opportunities for investment in the departments of Alta Verapaz, Huehuetenango, Chimaltenango, and Escuintla.

These four departments are recognized as having the highest levels of violence against women in Guatemala, and are home to localized efforts to prosecute cases of gender-based violence and bring access to justice to victims through the newly inaugurated Public Prosecutor’s Offices for Women (Fiscalias de la Mujer, Modelo de Atencion Integral) and the Criminal Courts for Crimes of Femicide and other Forms of Violence against Women (Tribunales de Sentencia Penal de Delitos de Femicidio y otras formas de Violencia contra las Mujeres), instituted last August by the Attorney General’s office (Ministerio Publico) under the leadership of Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz.

Francis Mayorga, Coordinator of the Referral Network of Huehuetenango and counselor for the local Women’s Prosecuting Attorney’s office, and Margaret Hobart of WSCADV, discuss the process of intake and referral for women victims of violence.

SIF traveled with Dr. Margaret Hobart from the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) and visited with a variety of institutions and service providers within department-wide Referral Networks (Redes de Derivaciόn) including shelters, women’s groups, prosecutor’s offices, health care centers, municipal offices for women (Oficina Municipal para la Mujer) integral care centers for women victims of violence (CAIMUs), hospitals, and femicide courts.

“It has been my privilege to travel to Guatemala with the Seattle International Foundation as a domestic violence expert to meet people working to address violence against women and children in four different states,” said Dr. Margaret Hobart.

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