Honduras, ranked last in pre-school and primary school coverage


Mario Cerna – According to the latest “State of the Region”, Honduras is ranked as the worst pre-school and primary school coverage in Central America.

Below is a translation of a recent article in ElHeraldo.hn. For the original Spanish version, please click here.



The government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa has invested close to $89 billion Lempiras in education during his last administration; but, despite these efforts, Honduras ranks last in pre-school and primary school coverage.

The latest Central American “State of the Region” shows that since 2011, Honduras has occupied the last place in pre-school and primary school coverage.

Honduras holds 35.7 percent pre-school coverage, and 88 percent primary school coverage.

The educational authorities ensure those rates have risen since 2011. They estimate that in preschools, it has reached 45 percent, and 93 percent in primary school coverage. However, even with those new percentages, Honduras continues to be in the end of the queue.

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KM2 Solutions, Seattle International Foundation and OYE Adelante Jovenes partner to empower youth in Honduras

On August 16, 2013 representatives from businesses, civil society and media gathered for Honduras4OYE, a celebration of the collaboration between OYE, KM2 Solutions and the Seattle International Foundation (SIF) to empower at-risk youth in Honduras by raising awareness and support through public-private partnerships.

The event highlighted the commitment of four major companies operating in Honduras – Cargill, Dermalaser, Altia, and Unitec – to empowering at-risk youth and developing the next generation of leaders in Honduras. Through Honduras4OYE, these companies raised $3,000 USD in support of OYE’s scholarship program. With matching funds provided by SIF, Honduras4OYE raised a total of $6,000, providing scholarships to 12 youth in El Progreso, Honduras.

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Formación Fénix: creating young leaders in Nicaragua


Melissa Vanessa Zuniga Perez, and Yoseling Acevedo Castillo are both part of the Formación Fénix program, a community-based project empowering young Nicaraguans through cultural environmental and educational leadership programming. Melissa is 18 years old and is the president of Formación Fénix. Yoseling is 17 years old and has recently joined the group. Melissa and Yoseling share below about their leadership experience with Formación Fénix.

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