SIF launches new fund to support adolescent health and education in Central America


SEATTLE — Seattle International Foundation announced today the launch of the Central America Youth Fund (CAYF), a new fund providing grant support to projects led by local young adult leaders (aged 18-35) in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Quintana Roo, Mexico.

CAYF will address many challenges faced by young people in Central America – particularly young women – such as high adolescent fertility rates, low secondary school completion, child marriage/early unions for girls, discriminatory gender attitudes and behaviors, and inadequate provision of reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education in schools.

CAYF will support young adult leaders in Central America to implement innovative projects within their organizations that are designed to demonstrate measurable impacts on girls’ equality and/or adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The fund seeks to invest more than $1 million over five years.

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Youth of Guazapa committed to democracy in El Salvador

By Journalist Jessica Guzman, Fundación Comunicándonos and VOCES Digital Newspaper

(El Salvador 01/31/2014)

The municipality Guazapa within San Salvador, El Salvador, with a population of more than twenty six thousand, holds a pillar and an important tool for its development: youth and Radio Guazapa. Both lead progress within their community, and have demonstrated this during the presidential elections that the country will witness on February 2.

El Salvador will face the 2014 presidential elections, and one of the sectors most committed to its country’s democracy is the youth of Guazapa.

Speaking about the youth of the municipality, is speaking about Radio Guazapa, the Association Yo Activo Guazapa and Interactive Media Center, all projects and social organizations supported by the Foundation Comunicandonos, Seattle International Foundation, and Digital Newspaper VOCES, all committed to investing in young people as agents of change.

Radio Guazapa created a program “Voz Electoral” (or Electoral Voice in English) before the elections, with the intention of creating awareness among the public on the importance of participating in this democratic event and avoiding a low voter turn out at all costs.

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